5 Costs To Expect With A Traditional Sale of Your Pensacola House

5 Costs To Expect With A Traditional Sale of Your Pensacola House

There are a number of costs to expect with a traditional sale of your Pensacola home. There’s a lot of expenses will come out of your check at closing table. Trust me! You will be surprise how much money will be taking out. This is the reason why I wrote this article for you to know the costs to expect with a traditional sale of your Pensacola house before the sale, during, and after the sale when you’re at the closing table. Find out if working with an agent is really the right choice for your situation and property in our latest post!

Working with a real estate agent in Pensacola to sell your house isn’t always worth it. When you factor in the costs, time, and effort required on your part, you may find that an alternative method of selling is the better choice for you. Below, we list five major costs you should be prepared for if you choose to sell your house in the traditional way.

Before you list your Pensacola house for sale, it is essential to understand the expenses associated with a traditional sale. It’s every seller’s dream to walk away with the highest possible selling price without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Some of the repairs are inevitably expensive and there’s not much you could do about it, but you can get some estimates to manage your spending and to get the best price possible to save your money Don’t stress, though, because this blog will break down the five most common expenses that homeowners can expect when selling a Pensacola house.


When selling your house in Pensacola, it will likely require you to make some repairs. The small things in your house that need touching up can add up fast. And if your house needs major repairs, the costs will obviously grow much higher. Once the house is listed and an offer is eventually made, your potential buyer will pay to have an inspection done for the property. If all checks out, great! However, many times the buyer will come back with newly discovered repair costs they will request that you credit them for the amount of the repair or fix the item yourself before the property closes.

During the home inspection, the inspector will report any defects in your home that require repairs. Ensure that your home is in good condition before listing it since any dilapidated features may encourage prospective buyers to move on, or if they accept the faults, they may confront you with the repair expenses they’ll like you to cover during negotiation.

When you have your house under a contract with a home buyer. Sometimes home buyers have their own requests even away from the home inspection report in some cases.

For example, We listed a house for sale and we put it under contract with a home buyer. The house has a Garage was converted to a room. The room where the garage used to be is downstairs. The door that leads to that room is at the kitchen. The buyer requested to have the door open inward rather than outward for safety reasons. I asked my agent to see what’s the wisdom behind this request because the kitchen is small and it will make the kitchen more crowded to have the door opens inwards. The reason why the buyer agent said is because the home buyer has a child and it’s not safe to have the door opens outward.

In this case and many other cases home buyers tend to have their own requests. Sometimes for safety reasons and other times it’s only a desire to have something changed to the home buyer standard. Either way, and it doesn’t matter the reason behind the request. What matter the most that you’re the home seller who’s paying for those changes.

Professional Cleaning

When putting your house on the MLS in Pensacola, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Even for the cleanest people out there, this may require the services of a professional cleaning crew to come through. Or maybe you need to hire people to come in and clean the carpets, power wash the outside, or to rejuvenate stained floor tiles. Even if you aren’t in a situation where you need to hire a professional cleaning company, you will still have to tend to these things yourself which requires your time. That in of itself is very valuable.

All homeowners want to sell their house for a high price, and this requires a substantial investment of both your time and money. Deep cleaning your home, decluttering, and staging it are all part of this process.

Marketing Fees

The level of marketing provided by a real estate agent in Pensacola will vary. While some ill provide comprehensive marketing plans at no costs, others will supply just the basics. You’ve seen the different types of listings.

Some houses are staged with professional photos to make spaces look larger than they are. Then there are listing with photos taken by a cell phone camera, highlighting unmade beds and laundry on the floor. Having the top-of-the-line listings that will get the most attention will likely cost you a bit more in the long run. If you do decide to list your house in Pensacola, make sure you know exactly what’s included. Between exclusive listings, signage, and print materials, you could be looking at many expenses you hadn’t planned for.


Selling a Pensacola house will require the services of a real estate agent, and as such, an agreed commission will apply.

In some cases, working with a Pensacola real estate agent can be great, making their 6% commission fee well worth it. However, for rother properties paying this amount in order to sell your house isn’t worth it. Six percent of your final sale price can be a large sum of money. Make sure your agent will be able to get you enough money for this high cost to make sense. Run the number before signing a listing agreement with a Pensacola real estate agent. For some Pensacola homeowners, a direct sale can be a better choice for the sale of their unwanted house.

If you decide to go with an agent to sell your house in Pensacola, and if your house is at the high end. Try to negotiate with you agent to reduce the commission, Agents work hard to get the sale done. There’s a lot of communications that goes along  before the sale is done between all parties involved including title company, survey, appraisal, buyers, you, and many more!

But I won’t leave you alone without mentioning to you the best home cash buyer that God ever created in this planet which is Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC.  Because we buy houses with cash and we don’t charge any commissions and we pay for all closing costs. This way you can get a fair cash offer from our company. We buy your house in AS-IS condition in any condition and any situation.

When you deal with Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC. You don’t have to clean or make any repairs. You don’t have to worry if the home buyer is going to backdown or not. Why?? Because Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC DO NOT back down! Consider you house is sold once we put our name on the contract with you. We close in 10 days!

Closing Costs

The expenses that come with a home sale right after reaching an agreement with the buyer and completing the transaction are known as closing costs.

A home seller in Pensacola will likely spend 1-3% of their final sale price in closing costs when selling with a real estate agent. Things like recording fees, settlement fees, title search fees, surveys, and pre-payment penalties are all paid at the closing table. Many of these costs to expect with a traditional sale of your Pensacola house can be eliminated when working with Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC.


First and foremost. If you want to sell your house on the market. You will have 5 costs to expect with a traditional Sale of Your Pensacola House. It’s part of the traditional home-selling process.

First. You need to prepare yourself mentally to be ready and be prepared, and your home is physically for sale by cleaning and organizing.
Second, repair your home to get the retail price and to pass the buyer inspections. Also to understand and take to account the agent commission fee, closing costs, and property taxes up to the day you close on the house. This way you will have better clarity on how much you will clear at closing from the home sale.

Don’t stress yourself too much, call real estate professionals in Pensacola to guide you through the process and make it seamless for you.

Want to sell your home without any of the 5 expenses we discussed in this article? Give us a call at 850-346-4995. Or reach out to us! Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC is at your service at all times!

Learn more about the costs to expect with a traditional sale of your Pensacola house. Contact us today for more information! 850-346-4995

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