5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Homes In Pensacola

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling their homes in Pensacola

Are you thinking about selling your house in Pensacola? If so, you’ll want to watch out for these mistakes homeowners make when selling their houses in Pensacola!

Have you sold a house in the past? If so, you might recognize some of the common mistakes outlined below. We work with sellers quite often who wish they would have done things differently from the beginning. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when selling a house in Pensacola, plus what you can do to avoid them.

Pricing It Incorrectly

When you need to sell a house in Pensacola, one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when selling their homes in Pensacola is pricing their homes incorrectly. It’s one of the very important thing you can do is price it right from the very beginning.

Many homeowners have an inflated view of what their house is actually worth, causing them to set their listing price too high right out of the gate. As such, they will be forced to lower the price which also lowers a potential buyer’s perceived value of the home. When a price is cut over and over again, people may assume there is something wrong with the home. And don’t forget… the longer the house is listed, the lower it is going to drop in the search results.

You need to know to do your homework about the value of your home before listing it to avoid some of the mistakes homeowners make when selling their homes in Pensacola. Price the home right from the first time. Because if you price your home high at the beginning and it didn’t sale. And you start dropping the price. Home buyers might think there’s something wrong with your home!

You need to price you house just right from the fist time. You don’t want to go way below the value either. But you want to make sure you’re not over pricing your house.

Not Exploring Their Selling Options

Many people believe that in order to successfully sell their house, a Pensacola real estate agent will need to be involved. However, this is not always the case. For some homeowners, selling directly to a buyer such as Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC will end up saving them time and money overall. When a house needs work or needs to be sold in a limited amount of time, a direct sale will often be the best choice. Without repairs, commissions, or waiting to close, you will be able to save both time and money on the sale of your Pensacola house.

Paying Too Much To Sell

Selling a house in Pensacola will inevitably come with some costs when hiring an agent. There are typically repairs, upgrades, professional cleaning, and staging that will need to be done before the house is even listed. These expenses are out of pocket, without any guarantee of a return. Be careful not to spend too much money making repairs on a house you don’t want. When you sell your house directly to Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC, there are not any costs either before or after the sale. This means you will able to avoid all cleaning and repair costs, in addition to agent commissions and fees.

Not Understanding Their Buyers

One of the most under estimated mistakes homeowners make when selling their homes in Pensacola is not understanding their home buyers. When you decide it’s time to sell your house, you need to have a good idea of who you’re selling to. Who’s buying in the area? Are their more families? Students? Retirees? While a sale is a sale, by knowing which demographics are the most prominent in your area, you will be able to increase your odds of finding a buyer faster. If you own a house that needs a little work or isn’t competitive with others on the MLS, working with an investor will likely be the best way for you to sell.

The thing you need to understand is there’s no way that you can guarantee a sale for your home just because you signed a contract with a home buyer whether you have an agent or not. The home buyer can backdown at any giving time just because his/her hair hurts. What I mean is some home buyer are not fully committed to buy your house and there’s no way for you the house seller to know that! The home buyer could backdown at anytime because whatever reason whether house inspection report, or other reasons that home buyer doesn’t want to disclose.

Investors such as Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC love the opportunity to purchase fixer-upper houses that we are able to restore to their old glory. We always make fair offers no matter why you are choosing to sell your house in the Pensacola area!

Not Properly Staging

When you list your house on the MLS in Pensacola, you’ll need to get it ready for the people coming to see it. A good rule of thumb is to remove all personal items so people viewing your home don’t feel as if they are intruding. All clutter should be removed as well as clunky furniture or pieces that don’t serve a purpose.

Many homeowners avoid staging or simply shove all their stuff in a closet and call it a day. The trouble with this is that people are going to look in your closet! To properly stage a house, you may want to consider getting rid of pieces that you’ve been holding on to for too long, or storing these items off-site.

That said, you will also want to avoid showing a house that is completely empty. With the proper staging, you’ll be able to highlight the property’s potential without distracting from the home itself.

To avoid the costs of staging, cleaning, and storage, consider selling your Pensacola house directly to Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC. We buy local properties as-is, without any repairs or upgrades required. You won’t even have to clean up.

Selling your house in Pensacola is likely one of the largest financial decisions you will make. By knowing what to watch out for, what to avoid, and what to pursue, you’ll be able to choose the best selling method possible for your house in Pensacola or the surrounding area.

We can help you avoid the common mistakes homeowners make when selling their homes in Pensacola! Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC is a home cash buyer you can trust and count on us – Contact us today to learn more! 850-346-4995

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