Can I Give My House Back To The Bank in Pensacola Without An Expensive Foreclosure?

Can I give my house in Pensacola back to the bank without an expensive foreclosure?
Trying To Avoid Foreclosure in Pensacola? You may be considering giving your house back to the bank.. is it a wise decision?

Can I give my house back to the bank in Pensacola without an expensive foreclosure? The answer is YES! If you’re a homeowner who’s struggling to make your mortgage payments and keep up with the lender letters you’re receiving from your lender. You probably thinking at this point can I give my house back to the bank? And how can I get myself from this endless rat race?

This is the point when you start thinking, how did I get here? And how do I pull myself out of this predicament? Also at this point, you will realize that you’re alone in this and no one is coming to save you except you, unfortunately.

You also will start to have a flashback at the time you were approved for that loan, and now you also realize that it wasn’t the curly hair and big beautiful eyes that you’re proud of that got you the loan. It was simply because the bank and lender find you qualified enough for them to make the money they’re looking for from you and the loan that carries the interest rate at the life of the loan span.

Let me take you just a step or two back. Maybe the curly hair and the big beautiful eyes helped a little that made the banker you were dealing with interested enough to make your loan process a little easier. I have good news for you. First, you’re good-looking and Second, you’re not alone. There are a lot of homeowners in Florida and other parts of the country facing foreclosure. DO NOT get discouraged. I will provide you with the best solutions if you’re facing foreclosure on how to get out of it. But you need to do some leg work. Let’s find out what you need to do, shall we?

Look. it’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed and even helpless in this situation, but it’s important for you now to know that you do have options to get you out! Let’s start with the following.

Now, to answer you question “Can I give my house back to the bank in Pensacola without an expensive foreclosure?” The answer is YES! (but with caveats, read below for more details)

Can I Give My House Back To The Bank in Pensacola Without An Expensive Foreclosure?

There are many ways to avoid an expensive foreclosure in Pensacola.

Your first step if you’re trying to avoid foreclosure in Pensacola is to speak with your loan provider immediately to examine your choices to prevent home foreclosure.

You have to take action prior to getting too far behind on your mortgage payments in order to halt house foreclosure. You should contact your financial institution once you know you are likely to miss a home loan payment and inform them what is going on with your financial situation.

Your mortgage loan organization would rather work something out with you so they do not generate losses on your property by going through the actual foreclosure process.

You need to be open and honest with your mortgage company.

They may work something out with you that cuts down your rate of interest, which would reduce your monthly payment. In case you miss one or two payments but then are capable of start paying once again, they can usually add those repayments back to your home loan and consider you caught up on your mortgage. The financial institution will not accommodate you if you do not talk to them about what your situation is ahead of time is and asks for help.

Your mortgage loan bills or your card payments?

You’ll be able to prevent home foreclosure by ensuring you consistently pay your mortgage loan prior to any bills. Your house loan is an essential monthly bill you have. Credit cards should never take priority over your house loan repayment. You can deal with the consequences of not paying your cards a lot easier than you can the implications of failing to pay your mortgage.

Not paying your mortgage loan is the worst thing you can do with regard to your credit score. Getting behind on other sorts of debt like credit cards will never harm your credit as much as getting behind on your home loan. Not paying your mortgage loan could cause you difficulties with your credit cards in any case, so they ought not to be a priority when you have to pay your monthly dues.

If you have no interest of keeping your property, Then listen and read the next tips I provided you next.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

If you like to transfer the ownership of the property to the bank without going through the foreclosure process because you’re tired and sick of being tired and sick, and you don’t want the property anymore because holding the property doesn’t serve your best interest anymore, then you could. The agreement between you and the bank to transfer ownership of the property is called Deed in lieu of foreclosure.

With that agreement, the bank agrees to release you the homeowner from any obligations and release you from repaying the mortgage.

This solution can only be an option if your mortgage is in good standing or you have a low balance. The bad news about this option is that when you release the title of your property to the bank is that you have to prepare to move out of your home immediately. I know it sucks. But is an option that a few might consider especially if you’re upside down on your mortgage, where you owe more for the house than the property value.

Short Sale

A short sale is when you have an agreement between you and a home buyer to sell the house to the buyer for less than what you owe for the property with the bank/lender agreeing on that sale. While it is called a short sale, there’s nothing short about this process. It usually takes up to 6 months and sometimes even longer at certain banks. The lender considers it the least of their priorities to lose money on the property, especially if you’re at the early stages of your mortgage and you have not paid a lot down on your mortgage.

In the case of the bank agreeing and accepting the proceeds from the property sale as a full payment of the mortgage debt.

If you have a good professional to help you in this process, that would be great, like a good agent, or a good attorney. Whenever you see me mentioning an agent or an attorney, you will find me put the word good. Because both professions can make you or break you whether you’re trying to sell a home or seeking legal advice from an attorney.

Always do your due diligence when hiring one of those two. The last thing you need is to hire a realtor whose only goal is an easy commission without that agent acknowledging the necessary work that needs to be done to get the house sold! And some are just pure lazy.

You need an agent with fire in his/her eyes. easy to look at and talk to. Basically. A good communicator. nice personality, has a great knowledge and is responsive to your questions. That’s a good agent. If your agent lacks any of those qualities. Look for another one.

Rent Out Your Property

If you can’t keep up with your mortgage payments you want to keep the property because you’re expecting it to go up in value, and also you try to build more equity for your and your family’s future. Then you can rent out your property and use the rent to catch up with your mortgage payments.

Once you established a good income from renting your property, you can sell your property in the future to pay your whole mortgage and have some left to buy another property. Maybe bigger and better too!
Keeping the property can supplement the value while giving blow to catch up on your mortgage.


I kept Bankruptcy for last because it’s my least favorite. When all fails and you have nowhere to run. You have debt up to your tonsils and you feel the whole debtors in the country after you. You can file bankruptcy after of course, seeking a good attorney to guide you through the process to make sure you’re doing everything right. It is advised to consult with specialist bankruptcy lawyers or law firms who can assist you in making the right decision.

Bankruptcy can delay the foreclosure process. It will give you time to buy so you can catch up on your mortgage payments and put you back on the right track. However, it is not a long-term solution but it will certainly give you some time when you’re short on time and money.

Is selling your house in Pensacola Florida a way to avoid foreclosure?

One way to prevent home foreclosure is to try to pay your house loan off by putting up your property for sale.

You could probably be free from the financial hole you are in by selling your house for sufficient cash to pay the home loan off.  And sometimes you may be able to have money left to start over again. This is an excellent approach to prevent foreclosure of your Pensacola house and avoid a disaster on your credit score at the same time.

Another way to stop property foreclosure in Pensacola is to really cut your spending right down to the bare minimum. If you’re able to reduce your expenses adequately you could avoid having to offer to sell the house you love. For anyone who is self-employed, one method to spend less would be to stop renting an office and make a workplace at home. You could also think about selling a car and having just one that you share.

You can definitely proactively do something to stop your home from going into foreclosure and harming your credit and financial situation even further.

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It’s great to know the options you have available to you if you’re struggling with making your mortgage payments. It’s a scary and stressful thought that can paralyze your thinking to find out those options available that can get you out of it, There’s always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. With the tips we provided you here to either give back the property to the bank or keep the property and avoid foreclosure, you will be able to close that chapter of your life and start a new one.

Remember to give the property back to the bank if it doesn’t serve your interest anymore and call the Deed in lieu of foreclosure. A short sale to sell the house for less than what you owe. Rent the property to catch up with your mortgage payments.

Bankruptcy is your last resort if all fail because you have other debts and all are coming after you. And the best part. And last but not lease. That reaching out to us could save you from the situation you’re facing.

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