Can I trust a house cash buyer or we buy houses cash people??

Can I trust a house cash buyer or we buy houses cash people??
Can I trust a house cash buyer? We buy houses cash people, house cash buyer or investors the ones they put, we buy houses cash. Everywhere you go, you see those signs. Can I trust those people? The answer is yes and no. No, because there’s a lot of those house cash buyers and investors do fake claim, meaning claims like we pay top dollar for your house. What’s the metrics that will indicate for them to make a statement that they are actually paying top dollar for your house? That’s a fake claim, right? Of course, because there’s no way I’m a buyer and I buy houses cash, I’m investor that we buy houses cash.

My name is Kamal with Quality Properties of Northwest Florida, LLC. I’ve been in the business since 2014, buying houses for cash near you. And there’s no way for me to make a promise or a guarantee for any house seller that I will pay top dollar, because I simply don’t know how much other investors paying you for your house. I can’t make a claim saying that I will pay top dollar. What is the top dollar for your house?

I don’t know. I don’t know what other people making you offer for or how much they’re making you a offer. This is a fake claim. So somebody who’s saying that, no, they not telling you the truth. I can’t trust their claim. I got to make sure that they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do. So I got to ask other people how much they would pay me for my house. So I got to ask other investors.

Another fake claim that you see, we buy houses cash and we pay full price. There is no investor in the world who will pay full price for any investment property that they buy. And this is another lie. Another fake claim for them to have homeowners to bite it on the bait. So if somebody make a claim like that, can you trust them? No, no. They not going to pay you full price. I guarantee you that.

Second thing, my experience with a lot of investors, because we cross roads, some good and some not, honestly. I seen a guy, we used to put those bandit signs or road signs some of you call them and on those signs, we say, we buy houses. You guys seen them everywhere probably. I’ve done it before. And this dude, I seen a guy was driving on the road one time and I’ve seen a guy picking up my signs and putting his instead. I’ve seen him. So I made a U-turn. I confronted them with that and I told him, well, you’re taking my signs. Why? This is unethical. And he was fine with it. And he said, you should’ve put your signs higher. Right? And this was his answer. So can you trust a guy like that?

No. There’s a lot of examples that I see. One time, somebody want to sell their house and they had a contract with some other investor in the area. And I won’t mention his name. I heard about the guy, I’ve seen his TV commercial, but for legal reasons, I won’t mention it here. And I won’t say his name because I don’t want to get sued, but the guy, it was old couple, they were trying to sell the house, a family home that they had. And I went to their house, for them to show me the contract that they had with that investor. And I realized that they had a contract, but he also made them sign a power of attorney over the house that they had a contract with this investor.

They didn’t know about the power of attorney. So the guy, he actually put his claws into this house for him to have a control period of six months or so, power of attorney over the house. And they didn’t know when I told them about the other paper, other than the contract, they’re not aware that they signed this document. So can you trust this person? He was an investor. He buy houses for cash. No. There is some good investors out there. The best way to find out, just do your search, guys, on whoever you want to sell your property for or to.

If you want to sell your property, do a search about the company. If they are a Better Business Bureau, if they have any complaints in Better Business Bureau. We are Quality Properties of Northwest Florida, we’re number one house cash buyer in Northwest Florida with A+ rating on Better Business Bureau website. We never had a complaint. I’m sure there are some investors are good like what we do. Some aren’t, based on some of the stories I just mentioned here. And some is just too long for a video, but be careful, make sure to do your search online about the company, whether they are a company or individual investor, make sure there’s no complaints from other people that they did not come through or they didn’t do what they say they’re going to do people.

People normally when they have unsatisfied experience with someone, they usually post that online. So make sure you guys do your search on the people who try to buy your property. a house cash buyer like Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC bought so many properties from homeowners who were in a sticky situation and we were able to help them out and buy their properties fast and even fasted when time is the essence. This is it for today. I’d just like to mention it here. Just be aware. There’s good and bad in any business that you trying to do or dealing with businesses or people, there’s good and bad people. So this is it for today and you guys have a blessed day. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Helpful websites to get an idea of what your property worth, however, we need to look at the house comps to give an accurate ARV (after repair value)

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