Having a home you want to sell In Pensacola? Leave Your Worries Behind

Whatever you’re facing in life in obstacles whether you’re a homeowner or not. I want to let you know that everything shall pass. Nothing remains the same. and no matter what’s the situation you’re facing, I need you to know it always gets better. where there’s a hardship, there’s always an ease after it. Always! If you having a home you want to sell in Pensacola and you can’t because you’re thinking about some money perhaps could be loss, or maybe you’re facing one of the many hardships typically some homeowners could be facing when life through a curve ball at them. No matter what’s your situation. More often than not there’s always a solution. In this article I will prove to you whatever you’re facing as a homeowner and having a home you want to sell in Pensacola and in the gulf coast, or even if you don’t have a house. I can assure you what you’re worrying about now, will be a history tomorrow and it will be long gone!

I have bought hundreds of houses so far. I dealt with many homeowners, some who were facing tough situations and some they just wanted to sell their homes because of many different reasons. I’m going to connect for you here my experience dealing with homeowners who were in tough situations through buying their homes and what you could be facing right now.

Remember, my goal here is to help you on whatever you are facing and to encourage you to take positive steps to improve your condition whether it’s financially, emotionally, physically or whatever you’re facing in life. Young or old and no matter what’s your condition. everything is temporary and no pain last for ever.

Having A Home You Want To Sell In Pensacola And facing difficulties

Let me start with people who I dealt with before in my business working as the a property acquisition in my company at Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC.

A lady called me from a post card I sent to homeowners at the beginning of my career with real estate business. the conversation went like this.

Home seller : Hello, I received a post card from you and I think this is the second time you sent me a post card.

Me: Yes ma’am How can I help you?

Home seller: I had a fire in my kitchen and I need to sell the house when can you come to look at it?

Me: I can come today. would that work for you?

Home seller: Yes, I don’t live in the house anymore and I live with my mother now but can you meet me at 3pm today?

Me: Sure thing. I will be there at 3pm sharp.

I put the house under contract the same day. she called me 2 days later from the hospital because she had medical condition and they admitted her in the hospital for few days. without going into details but she had 2 major problems within a week! She called me months later after she sold the house to me from out of state because she doesn’t live in Pensacola anymore just to let me know how good she’s doing now and how happy she’s where she’s at now. She had a home she wanted to sell in Pensacola because her house got caught on fire and she had a health condition right after that! Did you have a similar situation before? I think we all can relate to that story at one point of our lives..

Look, like they say sometimes when it rains it pours. How about a person who called me who were in Foreclosure during divorce. There’s a lot of situations I have dealt with over the years and more often than not, they’re difficult situations! And we always find a solution to their problem because guess what? there’s always a solution. So don’t get despair.

Without diving deep and going into details about stories. I will share with you instead some of the problems homeowners are facing now or could be facing in the future and I hope none will ever have to experience any of the hardships in this article.. But if anyone did, we will find out what we could do for them or what you need to do.

Different situations on why you want to sell your home in Pensacola


When a couple starting on divorce, and if they have some assets they want to liquidate. House would be in the top list in some cases because of the value that the house has. It would be in most cases the largest asset they need to liquidate. If that house needs repairs, they need a home buyer specially which in most cases, no one is willing to repair the house for them to be able to put it in the market and get the retail value for the home. At Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC we can get you cash in your hand in 2 weeks or less. You don’t have to do any repairs. While you’re in divorce and you’re busy with getting your life together. We simply can get you in one thing less to worry about. Which is buying your house for cash.

Tax delinquency

Even though your house is fully paid for and you don’t have any mortgage, you won’t get off cheap. You still have to pay you county taxes for that property. When I was young like 16 years old working for my father at the convenience store called the Yellow Store in the Pensacola downtown. My father, my brother and I started the business back in 1990. A customer who was in his forties told me that you never fully own your house because you still have to pay taxes. I didn’t understand at the time what he meant. But now I do! Every time end of each year when I start writing checks to pay the taxes for the properties we have I remember that customer. He sure left me with something to remember him by lol.

If you’re facing a tax delinquency situation and you don’t pay the taxes on it. The county will put it in auction for tax deed sale to get their money to cover the taxes owed. When you’re in this situation you want to make sure to either pay the taxes before the tax deed sale takes place or sell the property to a cash buyer so you can sell your house fast, because time is the essence in tax delinquency specially if you’re way too late and you don’t have much time. At Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC we’re specialized in those areas and we can get you the money and buy your house fast before they lay their hands on it and take it for nothing!


If your house in foreclosure, this could be a good reason having a home you want to sell in Pensacola fast before the bank takes position of your property specially if you have a lot of equity on the home. Banks don’t care how much equity you have, or where you’re going to live after they take position of your house. Sad but it’s true.

We can certainly buy your house fast and get you from under that property. Specially now more than ever. Please make sure to have some money reserve for days that rains. Remember the story I mentioned to you earlier in this article? we started to see some contraction in our economy. Make sure if you have a house that you paying mortgage to have some money saved up at the bank. If you don’t, then start saving some money to have some reserved at your bank. At this point no one knows how ugly it would gets. But just to be safe. Save some money! This is not the time to be spending a lot of money on Christmas specially if you have a tight budget and a mortgage.


Having a home you want to sell in Pensacola during probate never easy. Remember the Yellow store we started with my father and my brother and I mentioned earlier in this article? My father passed away on February 25th 2021. It was the hardest thing I ever had tp deal with. I always mentioned my father in a lot of my articles because he never was forgotten and never will be.

In probate, I have dealt with many family situations. this is a hard times for families where they simply don’t want to be bothered much. Selling a home during probate can be emotionally hard on the family. In some cases, if the house doesn’t need a lot of repairs, and one of the family member volunteer to either do the work himself, or hire someone to repair the home to have the ultimate goal which is to put it in the market and sell the house at retail price, that would be great to get the most money for him and his family. The down side of having a home and you want to sell in Pensacola and fixing the house is that you have to put a lot of money upfront before you list the house with a realtor or you’re able to put it in the market.

At Quality Property Of Northwest Florida LLC, we can help you with that. If you’re having a home you want to sell in Pensacola during or after probate, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 850-346-4995. We will be happy to buy your house in AS IS condition and regardless what’s the condition of your house.

There’s a lot of other situations we buy homes at Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC, some of the other situations like moving, downsizing, bad tenants, vacant houses and a lot of other situations. they’re too many to mention here in one article.


When you have a home you want to sell in Pensacola and surrounding cities because you’re facing any hardship. You want to be strong for you to choose the best option to benefit you and your family. Never sell your home based on emotions. If you’re feeling desperate that got you to be depressed with a blend of anxiety. You need to get yourself out of that state of mind before you go on how you want to sell your home, Trust me! Never sell your house based on emotions. Be patient until you get in a better state of mind and then, and only then you choose on which rout you need to take to have the best outcome for you and your family.

At Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC we encourage homeowners to be strong in difficult situation. We’re here to help you if you’re having a home you want to sell in Pensacola and surrounding areas – Give us a call at 850-346-4995 Or submit the form on our website.

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