How to verify the legitimacy of your home buyer company?

How to verify the legitimacy of your home cash buyer? _ Quality properties _ Call 850-346-4995

How do you know if your home buyer is the real deal? you must do your due diligence to make sure the buyer won’t leave you hanging to look for another buyer where you don’t have access to time or money. I have 4 things here I like to suggest for you to do before you sign a contract with someone who’s no less than a stranger to you, your home cash buyer in some cases could be your only solution, and in some cases could be your biggest mistake. Or simply just give me a call at . I will provide you with all the things I have in this video to give you that piece of mind that you’re looking for.

Your home cash buyer is either someone you have already dealt with before or someone you have never heard of, more often than not, your home cash buyer is a one time deal in a life time, because we’re talking about a big purchase here, and you don’t buy or sell a house like you buy a pants or shirts. in some cases skirt or nail polish or do they? lol It’s a big transaction, and therefore you want to make sure you get the big bang for your buck whether you want to sell your house fast or you want to sell slow, meaning you want to repair the house by hiring someone or you want to repair it yourself to get the market value of the house, and then either listed with a realtor/broker or sell the house yourself to save on commission.

Now, let’s get to the 4 things you need to do before you sign a contract with a home cash buyer.

1- Search on Google the name of the home buyer.

Where this seems to be obvious to some, believe me when I say this, most people I have dealt with before never did search about who I am or what we do, they simply saw an ad on Facebook or Google and they gave me a call, how did I know they didn’t search about Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC? is because I asked questions about what they did after seeing the ads and very few of homeowners “I have seen said we looked at your company to see who you’re, and when we find out the rating along with all the social media links and testimonials, we gave you a call”. But most will call immediately which I’m very grateful for, but I’m not sure if they call some other company or person how things would turn out. There’s good and bad people in every profession, and you don’t want to gamble with your time and money on a stranger morals and ethics, you dig!

2- Ask for reference!

See who they dealt with before and how satisfy they were, ask the buyer to give you couple names with phone numbers to see how was the process, and don’t be shy to ask, believe me you will be glad you did, just like a company would ask about a reference when they want to hire someone because the resume the applicant has means nothing to the company, you do the same thing, because honestly, what a home cash buyer say about him/her self means nothing too, everyone is shouting look at me look at me! but in reality, if you want to know about someone integrity, honesty, and morals?! just deal with him where money is involve, you will really know that person well, and the bigger the amount of money is involve dealing with him/her the deeper you will dig through their inner values.

What’s better than someone already sold them a house before and you will hear it from someone already been in your current shoes. Someone might ask, how would I know if the reference who he/she gave me is an actual former seller who actually sold the a house to your prospect home cash buyer? Ok, if you’re in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, or Walton county or any county in the county for that matter, just go to your county property appraisal website, in our county Escambia county, the website would be if you’re in Santa Rosa county their website is

If you’re any where else, just google your county property appraisal website, put the address of the reference you talked to, therefore when you speak to that reference, make sure you ask about the property address of the house they sold to you prospect home cash buyer, once you enter the address in the search, you will see the buyer and the seller names, and hope you will find both names in there, your home cash buyer and the name of the reference.

3- a proof of fund from the bank.

Make sure your prospect have a proof of fund letter from his bank, it will state how much money he has and can show you that he got the cash to cover the purchase price for your house, if his partner can provide the a proof of fund from his bank, that would be totally fine, but at lease someone from his end of the transaction got the cash. Some investors partner up on buying a property and is nothing wrong with that. At Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we can always provide a proof of fund letter if someone want to sell the house to us. just to give homeowners a piece of mind that will be no time wasted from either end of the transaction, us as the buyer and you as the seller.

4- Last but not least- AS IS contingent in the contract.

To protect yourself, your time, and your money, make sure the seller add a contingency in the contract that he/she is buying the house in AS IS condition, because if they don’t well.. they will come back if they’re not satisfied with something or something needs to be repair for you to fix it at your expense, or they have the right to back out of the contract and the contract become null and void, for your protection, and just in case if the buyer is the conniving type of a deal and try to slip one on you to get over on you.


Protect yourself at all times when you do a big transaction like selling you house, good and bad people exist in every field, houses, realtors, brokers, nurses, doctors, or a janitor, it doesn’t matter who you’re dealing with, protect yourself, your money, your house, your family in any way you can. It doesn’t matter which rout you want to take to sell your house, as long the way you’re selling your house is suitable to your situation.

Sell your house for cash for a discount if you’re facing a hardship, or listing your house for sale by owner, or listing your house with a realtor, you will find cons and pros in every single one of them, make smart decisions, either way you choose, I will be here to help you get either get back on the right track if you want to sell your house for cash, or give you a suggestion to what to do if you don’t want to sell your house to my company and where to go if you choose to sell your house for sale by owner or a recommendation for a realtor.

I wish you all success in whichever endeavor you take.

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