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I’m talking in the video about the obstacles homeowners could face when selling their houses to a buyer getting a loan, is it always this way? of course not BUT don’t be surprise when these issues arise in the middle of the transaction or in the mid way to closing, or in some cases up to the end up to one day before closing, so, if you never sold a house before just remember there’s a possibility that you could be going for the long road ahead of you. just remember, if all roads leads to Rome, in selling your house, not all roads leads to closing. And more importantly selling you house and home cash buyers in Pensacola _ and surrounding areas _ Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC will give you the absolute truth about what you need to hear when selling your house in Pensacola and surrounding cities. We buy houses in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton county. Call me at 850-346-4995.

Now. things or obstacles that you will have sometimes on the road to closing are many, and it can gets a little complicated sometimes, needless to say, if you’re facing a hardship whether financially or emotionally, most cases you won’t have access to a lot of time to wait months before you see that money in you bank account. situations homeowners could be facing when time is the essence like, foreclosure, tax delinquency, divorce, Probate, bad tenants, house needs a lot of repairs, moving, etc.. where some can wait if the parties who own the property agreed like divorce, probate, but legal matters don’t wait for you to sell your house in a way to have more options, like tax deed sale, foreclosure, house needs major repairs, or moving in some cases if a job opportunity come by and homeowner wants to sell fast because there’s a bigger fish to catch than the house he/she trying to sell. Then it’s time to look for house cash buyers in Pensacola or surrounding areas.

1- Closing date.

OK. First and more often than not, the closing date on the contract that you have with the buyer who’s getting a loan is not accurate, and more than likely you and the buyer going to sign few extensions for the contract, the reason is because most of the companies the realtors or brokers schedule with they either don’t come on the date they’re suppose to come, or they’re too busy and they put inspections, surveys appraisal too far out. home cash buyers in Pensacola don’t do appraisals like the Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC don’t do appraisal.

2- Inspection.

Second, if they found something or somethings in the house during the inspection need repairs, and Ms. Bank or lender won’t release the money for the house buyer for him to put a foot through the door of your house until everything showed in the inspection damaged (even hidden ones) is repaired.

3- Appraisal.

Third, is appraisal, signing a contract with a buyer who’s getting a loan doesn’t mean his lender or bank will hand him out the money at the end before closing, if the appraisal came out less from the price you listed the house for, or if the price that you have in the contract when you and the buyer signed the contract higher than the appraisal amount, then my friends you’re going to have to drop the price down to the appraisal amount and whatever that amount is.

4- Buyer backing down.

Fourth, There’s a possibility that the buyer could back down from the deal, because and you will see if you ever signed a contract to sell your home, the buyer has the right to back out of the deal for being unsatisfied with the result of the inspection, but you’re not in the buyer head to know the exact reason why he back out the deal, he or his realtor will tell you I changed my mind and the contract become null or void. it’s so bad if you have a contract with a cash buyer and he told you 2 weeks later he cancel because they found something they didn’t expect, but when you wait 5-6 months and they backed down from it because of anonymous reason, despite what the reason they claim to be, is a different ball game because it’s a long period of time to go back months backwards! you could list your a house again to do the whole nine yard again but who’s going to reimburse you for your wasted time! NO BODY, my friends no body.

5- discovering more repairs.

Fifth one is, if your property needs some repairs, you’re going to deal with either handymen or contractors and it will depends on the size of the job to tend to do, if you have access to time and you can do the work yourself it will cost you the time and you will save the money, but if you don’t have the time but you got the money, then you need to hire a contractor or a handyman to do the work for you, I hope in that case that you know someone already you dealt with before and you trust, because if you don’t, you will be gambling with your time and money on their morals and ethics, because if you end up with a bad one, you’re going to do a lot of chasing until you’re winded, and contractors are not cheap in Pensacola and surrounding cities. BUT make sure that they know what they’re doing if you never worked with them before and get some references and most importantly, NEVER pay a deposit before he starts.

Pros of selling your house to a buyer getting a loan is you could get more for the house, however it’s not guaranteed, but then again the house needs to be in a good condition without any repairs needed.


Everyone like to get more money for their property, sometimes money is more important, sometimes time is more important, and even then, we’re talking about how much money we’re making or how much time we’re saving, how much money would you make if you save time and how much time you would spend to save money. Does selling your house fast with a cash buyer would be more beneficial to you ?Because time is the essence or you got time and money and you want to sell it for top dollar? There’s no wrong in either way. You just got to weigh your options and make some due diligence to have the best outcome for you and your family, I know I would! but I will be here to help homeowners have the best outcome if they reach out to me, and I always say trust your instinct and your inner feeling when you try to make a big decision like selling your house in Pensacola and surrounding cities where we serve homeowners in the area. Gain the knowledge and work hard will set you free.

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