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House cash buyer in Pensacola, Florida

Hi, this is Kamal with Quality Properties. Just want to show you guys a property that I just recently bought about a month ago. And right now, we’re in a process of working on it, we’re number one house cash buyer in Pensacola, Fl and surrounding areas.

It’s a double-wide mobile home on the lot. This property was inherited. It’s a probate property I bought from an old lady. She lives out of town, so she couldn’t come here to do… She had a little bit problems after the probate period was over and she couldn’t find the title. We have to reinstate the title. I did that. I also got the tags for the mobile home, doubles tags. So double-wide mobile home.

As you see, guys, here, I hire a painter, he’s done, probably finished 90% of the job. See that patch. He still need to paint that. He’s not done. He got paid and the reason I’m paying him. I know he was 90% done because I want to get him out of my way.

I don’t have time to spend a lot of time. It took him a while to finish. Like you guys see here, there was a patch that needed to be painted. He put some texture, but anyway, we said it’s the same problem that you guys face when you, when you buy it, probably already some of you experienced that you hire people, and especially if you’re not there, they don’t completely going to finish the job until you are on the top of their heads. If you’re going to hire somebody and you’re going to leave, like I did, this is that the outcome. They’re not going to finish a 100%. Here’s a patch and here’s a patch. So some patches need to be painted after he put the texture. Anyway, as an investor, we face the same problems as homeowners face. We hire people, especially guys like me, I don’t do the work myself.

I’m the house cash buyer in Pensacola who’s looking to help people in the area get out of sticky situations and I love what I do, I’m specialized in creating a win/win situation for me and the seller, and I like to give my best offer to you guys.

back to the subject, I hire people to do it because, A, I don’t like to do it. B, I don’t know how to do it. Not everything, but I know how to do light stuff, like paint. I know how to do that. It’s just time consuming. I just don’t have the time, really, to do it. Let me turn the camera so he can see me. And I bought this through a referral. A guy, I bought the property a year from him and he knew I came through. So he recommended the one that passed away is his friends. He told his mom about me and he called me and told me there’s a property for sale. And I ended up, telling him I’ll buy it.

And just one of the things I want to mention here, some leaves, I have done put bandit signs before. And some of the things that probably guys see, “We buy houses” I’ve done it. It’s not my favorite method because you have to put the word out and you have to let people know that you buy houses, understood, right? But not everybody that you see, or claim that you’ll see on those bandit signs, or letter that you receive, it’s actually true.

I see some that bandit signs saying, “I paid full price.” There’s no investor in the world will pay full price for a property, especially if it needs some repair has any problems. Even if it doesn’t need any repairs, no investor pays a full price for any property. Just because of the fact reason they have to make money. We have to. I don’t buy them. I’m going to tell you guys, I don’t buy them at full price. I buy them at discount in reverse to the homeowner, we pay cash for them. So they don’t have to go through a buyer, go through a lender for them to approve them for a loan. We just pay cash. And we buy them without any inspection. In some cases, sometimes we closed, within two weeks, two weeks, this one close within, after the probate period was over. I called within two weeks on this. So just be aware when you see somebody saying that, “I pay a full price.” No, they don’t pay a full price. They pay discount price, because they got to make some money.

And some of them, not everything, every investor that you guys meet is really honest. I have seen people that they pick up other people’s signs and put theirs instead. It happened to me before. And I saw the guy, I was driving down the road. I seen the guy that taken my signs out of the ground and putting his. Of course, I confronted him with that. I made a U-turn and I asked him what are you doing? Why are you taking off somebody else? That’s on my signs. And he wasn’t shy about it. He was okay with it. So this is who you probably seen a sign on the road and you get a call him. And you don’t know where he’s coming from, but I tell you guys not everybody investor out there is honest. Some people say it’s a cutthroat business. Is it? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I believe that the harder you work, or the more due diligence you do, you’re going to get more deals, that the bottom line.

And I want to pay that, get that to your attention and make sure you guys know that not everybody who do what they claim they are going to do. So this is me. You got my phone number and Facebook. If you have any property you want to sell, and if you’re looking for reliable house cash buyer in Pensacola, just reach out to me or text me, send me a message on Facebook. I respond the same day. Thank you. And have a blessed day. Bye-bye.

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