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Probate property is one of the many types of properties we buy in Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa county. But there’s a similar story that for each probate property we buy, this double wide mobile home in the pictures, I bought in Santa Rosa county in Navarre, Fl for example, an old lady inherited the property from her son, the property needed a lot of repairs so, the mother couldn’t afford to fix it, so I offered her cash money and we made the deal happened between me and the seller. This is not some of the nonsense scenario you hear from some of the people where they say investors are bunch of vultures, nothing could be further away from the truth. The lady was appreciative about the help she received from me, just because the fact reason she couldn’t sell the property to someone getting a loan from the bank or a lender because they wouldn’t approve the loan on a property that needs a lot of repairs! did I mentioned that she got a fair price too? I also helped her to reinstate the title to the property because she couldn’t come hear because she lives out of town, also I got double the tags for the double wide mobile home out of my pocket. I’m glad that I was able to help and buy the property and she was glad she sold it for a fair cash offer without any hassle or leg work on her behalf. Learn how you can sell your probate property in Pensacola or surrounding areas fast with a fair cash offer no matter what’s the condition.

So, who you should sale your property you inherited In Escambia, Santa Rosa, Or Okaloosa county to?

So If you inherited a property in Escambia, Santa Rosa, or Okaloosa county and the property needed a lot of repairs, should you sell it to me? If I say yes, some people will say I’m hunting to buy their property, I will say this, If you can afford fixing the property yourself or hire someone to fix it, and you can come out ahead to sell the property for a profit on the market and listed with a realtor and get top dollar for it, by all means do so, but also keep in mind the time it takes to finish the project, so time is money too, you want to make sure not to spend too much time fixing and repair the probate property, where you could make more money some where else, believe me I have been there before, and it’s no fun at all, specially a guy like me that don’t know how to fix a lot of the stuff at home and I have to hire people to do the job, I haven’t come across too many handymen or contractors who didn’t screw me in the end, but why I my in real estate?! simply because I buy houses to either fix and flip or I rent them out for a while but I’m not a contractor, and guess what? In the end it’s all worth it, because I’m in the business to help homeowners sell their houses fast, and I create jobs in good and bad economy for contractors, and I love what I do! This is the value I create for my company to succeed.

I look for a solution to help sellers, like heirs who have a probate property, landlords, homeowners for properties need a lot of repairs, divorce, or anyone who wants to liquidate their property assets, we give fair cash offers no matter the condition and situation of your property, we specialize to make a win/win situation, the seller and the buyer which is me, take a look at this property below.

Property In Pensacola, Fl

Yes you see it! it’s a church In Pensacola, Florida, the pastor of this church is 92 years old, she doesn’t live in town and let a family member in charge to sell the property, where I talked to the authorized person in charge and I was able to give them the full asking price! the full asking price was enough for both of us to benefit, the seller and the buyer which is me again!

A probate Property can be an asset or can be liability, it’s not the probate property you have in Escambia, Santa Rosa or Okaloosa county or any where in the world will determine if your property is a liability or asset! it’s your situation that determine that, like what’s your financial situation that’s the primarily factor to your property if it’s liability or asset, meaning all properties can be assets if you have the financials to make the property an asset by make it produces money not costing you money!

for example:

If you have a house you inherited from a family and it needs a lot of repairs and you can’t fix it because you don’t have the money and you can’t rented, now the property is a liability, because you’re paying taxes, insurance, and it’s not producing income, but if you have money then you can fix and either sell it or rent it, now the property is an asset, I ran into a lot of people who rather set on a property for many years paying taxes without having insurance, meaning that property could go to someone else in a blink of an eye just because someone fell in the front yard, that my friends never made any sense to me. If you’re in that situation, I highly suggest you to sell your property to an investor but choose wisely, remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned that some people mistakenly believe all real estate investors are bunch of vultures? you have to believe as well that some are, make sure to do your search about the investor before you sign a contract with anyone!

There’s a lot of stories I could mention to you guys here about good and bad investors, but some of those stories just need another post to keep you entertain enough.

BTW my company name is Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we’re BBB accredited, all you have to do is google our name and google will never lie to you lol.

Visit our website at to see how much you can get for your property, or if you need any help to sell your property in Escambia county, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa county.

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