Get top dollar for your house when money spent in the right places

Get top dollar for your house when money spent in the right places to increase your home value

If you’re thinking about renovating to sell your house, and you need to get top dollar for your house, you need to know where to invest that money to bring more value to the house that you’re selling for buyers to put good offers! And in some cases starting a bidding war which would be the best scenario for you! This is the position you want to set yourself when you want to get top dollar for your house. You deserve it for all the hard work you have done to it. But not all renovations are created equal. It’s important to spend reasonable amount of money on the house but what’s more important is where to spend that money.

Before you start on renovating your house, let me walk you through a real renovation project that took 6 months to complete, this way it’s better to learn the easy way rather than spending your money that you might not recoup, specially when the market is down which is not the case right now, but either way, you don’t want to take any chances.

A bad condition house we bought  at Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC before we did the renovations
The house before renovation

As you guys see in the picture on the left. The house before we started on the renovation that took 6 months of hard work to complete. We changed everything on this project. There’s nothing old in there, everything is top notch in there now. I can show you better that I can tell you in the pictures that follow in this article. The reason why I chose this project out of many we did before, because we spend a lot of money on this one that I don’t want you to do the same. A nd because everything was changed in this project. I can assure you where the best areas money was spent.

I’m buying a few more houses in the neighborhood, so I’m spending more money on each house because I’m changing and upgrading a neighborhood not just a house. I bet my neighbors are happy 😉 But you’re not going to do that. This article about renovating your house and get top dollar for it. Specially if you’re on a budget. But I will show where to spend the money, this way you will have the best outcome for you and your family.

Let’s go through what to focus on and how to spend your money if you want your house to be more attractive than other houses to attract buyers.

Renovating to get the top dollar for your house when you’re selling

1) Renovate the kitchen

The reason why renovating the kitchen is important because most houses only have one kitchen. You can have 2-5 and more bedrooms or bathrooms. but most houses only have one kitchen. What does that mean? It means you have to make the kitchen looks amazing. My idea of making the best looking kitchen possible with the space you have of course is to put Granite counter top, nice backsplash on the wall, nice kitchen cabinets, stainless steal appliances. Beautiful LVP flooring, and of course a nice paint job to top off everything else.

If possible have an open kitchen is much better that closed off kitchen, because it make the house looks bigger, it looks better, and this is the modern style nowadays. If you have to take a wall or two down and it’s in your budget, please do so, hire someone who’s license and insured for your safety just in case something goes wrong you’re protected.

Make sure you hire the right contractor if you want someone to renovate your house, it’s even more so in bigger jobs. Contractors can be hard to deal with, and the last thing you need is to fall into with someone dishonest, and they’re plenty out there. You guys can ask any investment company who buy a lot of houses like us Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC and they can tell you how many contractors we have sift through before we start working with someone on a regular basis. Guys this is very important of course. Check out my You tube video I made at the beginning of this project on hiring contractors In this video I went through what to do when you when hiring a contractor and how to deal with them.

Remodeled kitchen now after we bought a house in a bad condition from a homeowner

This is what a kitchen should looks like when you want to upgrade the kitchen. But again, only work with the budget you have. If you don’t have the cash, you could probably be eligible to refinance your home and invest that money to gain more profit! If you want to sell your house as is and you don’t want to spend time and money, you can always reach out to a reliable and reputable home cash buyer company who has 5 star rating reviews and BBB accredited with A+ rating like Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC. We buy houses cash in AS IS condition in any condition and any situation!

2) Renovate Bathrooms

I put renovating bathrooms on my second list is because a bathroom you can do so much to it more than other areas in the house which will make your house really stands out from other houses listed the area. utilizing what you can do to the bathrooms can certainly give you an edge when renovating to sell your house and get top dollar for it. So what are the things you need to do when renovating bathrooms?

A- Nice bathroom vanity with marble countertop or Granite counter top.

B- Nice looking tiles on the shower walls.

C- Floor tiles in the shower area.

C- Beautiful bathrooms tiles or beautiful LVP (Luxurious vinyl planks) in the bathroom.

D- Nice looking light fixtures

E- of course fresh paint always to top off everything else.

Remodeled beautiful bathroom now after renovating a bad condition house we bought from a homeowner

3) Fresh coat of paint always when renovating to sell your house

This is the most cost efficient thing you could do when renovating to sell you house. You can buy 5 gallons of paint from Sherwin Williams ,Home Depot, or Lowe’s for $125-$250 and you can paint the whole house with it if the house around 1,200 SF but if it’s a bigger home you might need two 5 gallons and you all set. Anyone can paint in my opinion if you have the time and willing to do the work yourself, but if you make more money by hiring someone to do it, by all means do so.

When you paint the house you can add few thousand to the value by the way the house appears. It’s doesn’t make much of a sense if you want to get top dollar for your house but you have stains on the walls or the paint looks old and fading off. Paint and get top dollar for your house!

4) Curb appeal

People say you can’t judge the book by its cover, well.. in houses, buyers tend to judge the book by its cover, If the lawn is not taking care of well, and there’s a trash outside the house, what people might think, if the house looks like that from the outside, imagine the things are hidden that we don’t know about. You will lose good offers if the house is not appealing from the outside, trust me. You want as many people to come inside to see what the house looks like from the inside, what kind of improvement you have done to it.

The more you have people come inside the more likely you’re going to have more offers which translate to have control over what price you would sale the house for, because when you have multiple offers, you have more control of what the sale price of the house going to be, simply because you’re not limited to only one buyer, you have more buyers options to choose from and the buyers know that, and this is my friends what creates a bidding war specially in a hot market like these days and get top dollar for your house.

5) Hire the right contractor will certainly get top dollar for your house

If you want to hire someone to do the job for you and you don’t want to do the work yourself, make sure you hire someone who done renovations few times before, someone who actually knows what he/she is doing, it doesn’t make sense to spend all that money on materials just by end of the project you have to buy more materials because the person who you hired didn’t do the job right. This is critical to the success of you project. The level of the contractor experience. honesty and integrity will determine what’s the final look of your house going to be. Read my blog on hiring a contractor to save you time and money!

Make sure to manage your project if you want to go that rout, or hire someone you trust to manage it for you, if you don’t, soon you will learn you’re buying more materials than you should.

The goal is for you to save money when renovating to sell your house, get the job done right and in the right places by you or a good contractor, and sell your house for top dollar.

Picture of the house after renovating a bad condition house our company bought from a homeowner
After the house was renovated and when things done right, you will end up with a beautiful home like this one to sell for top dollar.


If you’re renovating to sell your house and you want to get top dollar for you house, be wise about where to invest the money to get top dollar for it. Don’t spend a lot of money that you might not recoup when you’re selling your house. Places like kitchen and bathrooms, a fresh coat of paint inside and outside the house, curb appeal, and to get the job done right by a good contractor, and not to waste your time and money by hiring an honest and reputable contractor to do the job right once and for all for you.

If the amount of work in your house is more than what you can bear, make sure to try the number one house cash buyer in the gulf coast, Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC buys houses in AS IS condition in any condition and any situation. We provide homeowners with our best cash offer to get them where they need to be. Visit out testimonials page to see what other homeowners are saying. We’re the homeowners allied. We want you to get top dollar for your house in whichever endeavor you take.

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