Sell My House Fast Pensacola – Three Ways To Sell Your House In Pensacola

Sell My House Fast Pensacola - Quality Properties - Three Ways to Sell Your House - 850-346-4995
Sell My Home Fast Pensacola

Sell My House Fast Pensacola – Quality Properties – Three Ways to Sell Your House In Pensacola – Call us at if you need to sell your house fast or if you need any help at 850-346-4995

If you’re thinking I want to sell my house fast Pensacola area, there’s 3 ways to do it. You have probably thought about one of them, or you probably thought of 2 or even you might thought about all three of them. In my video post I’m sharing briefly on the cons and pros of selling your house in each way and which one you could save time or money and you might hit the jackpot and win both!

I have tried all of them and I want to share with you for you as a homeowner to make the best decision when selling your home. If you’re thinking about I want to sell my house Pensacola then read more for you to make the best decision for you and your family.

Here’s the three ways to sell your house with cons and pros

1- Sell My house with a realtor

And if you’re saying to sell my house fast Pensacola and list it with a realtor. You will sign a contract with him/her for a while, typically 6 months contract and you and your house are locked for 6 months. you will lose flexibility. I know I have few times. No matter what your realtor said about how much you should list your house for, and how much you want to sell it for. The decision maker end of the day will be up to the appraisal. Because the lender waiting for the appraisal to give his/her report once he/she do their inspection to give their number to the lender. Whatever that number is. This is what the lender willing to pay for your house. What’s so funny. More often than not neither the appraisal or the underwriter who’s working for the lender ever bought a house other than their own home they live in, and if they bought more than one home it’s good for you because now you have a better chance to get your money’s worth because they’re actually in your side of the deal and now they have experience with the true value of your home. I have seen appraisals wrong by 30k and 40k from what the house should sale for!

You will pay realtor commission fee of typically 6% and you will pay for closing costs. You have to repair the house to make sure that your house pass the inspections and you also have to do an appraisal if you don’t have one in hand. What else? There’s no guarantee that your house will sell!!

You will learn if you list your house in the market that if it doesn’t an offer in a month or two that you will be suggested to drop the price or you probably suggest the realtor to drop the price for you because well know time is MONEY! However, If everything went well, then you will sell your house at top dollar. But you will save a great amount of time if your realtor is really good. hustler, a hard worker, responsive, respect your time, and ethical! and then you will get your money’s worth for his/her commission. Is that too much to ask? I think not. There’s good ones out there. Just make sure to do your due diligence about anyone you want to hire so this way they don’t waste your time and money.

2- Sell my house myself

If you want to save money in selling your house in Pensacola and you said to yourself I can sell my own home. which I’m sure you could! But remember that you will be dealing with a lot of buyers. You have to do the dealing and wheeling which can be time consuming! You have to do the showing. taking phone calls. get upset because you do have to listen to some buyer degrading your home to get it for lower price which I consider highly unethical practices. Believe I’m saying all of this in my post because I experience everything I’m saying here.

You can save money taking this rout but you will be losing a ton of time. However, this is won’t be the case if you already know someone and you guys agreed on a price, date and time to execute the deal. then you saved time and money here.

3- Sell my house to a cash buyer

If your house needs repairs, or if you’re in a difficult situation and time become the essence like divorce, probate, tax delinquency, pre foreclosure, bad tenants. everyone situation is different. these are in some cases are difficult to some where not so much to others. It’s difficult when you need the fund fast for quick solution. It’s more about your situation and not about any of these conditions. How you’re doing when any of these circumstances hit. It’s not the probate as much as where are you financially. Divorce hurts. I really hate seeing people separate. But I have been in the middle of it before based of my position in the company as property acquisition and I rather see them working things out and stay in their home. It’s about a property that costing you money but you’re not making any money from it. That property becomes liability.

You need a reliable cash buyer like Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC. We understand your needs. I will steer you the right way if you come to my company because we simply care. You need a reputable company to deliver without backing down because they found out there’s not enough money for them to make. What a shame! Our foundation was built on Integrity, transparency, and efficiency. And our promise to homeowners is deliver on the time we said we’re going to deliver!

We buy houses at discount rate because we spend time and money to renovate to either flip or use it as a rental. But when you sell your home to us. We pay for all closing and all expenses associated with selling your home. No commission fees. No hassle. No obligations. No long term contract. Also we close in 2 weeks or in the date of your choice! If you’re thinking and say I want to sell my house fast Pensacola. Quality properties Of Northwest Florida LLC got you covered.

Sell My House Fast Pensacola – Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC – Here’s the three Ways to Sell Your House In Pensacola – Call us at if you need to sell your house fast or if you need any help at 850-346-4995

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