The truth about we buy houses cash signs

We buy houses cash right?

You have seen those signs all over town saying we buy houses cash, or we buy houses any condition, or we buy houses full price, if you ever wonder who put these signs? or if someone really has the capability to buy houses cash with a full commitment?, and if there is a catch to it? or are they even legitimate? please wait and listen….

I have put bandit signs before because it’s relatively cheap way to advertise your business, so yes i’m one of many people who did this for only 2 times only to find out the hard and bitter truth about this method and why i don’t do it anymore, and it wasn’t because they’re too many of them as i was aware of that when i put my signs the first time! but i witness some activities behind some of these guys i think every homeowner should be aware of that if they want to sign a contract with someone just for the sole purpose of seeing a bandit sign on the road.

My first round putting those signs i really felt uncomfortable just because the way those signs planted on a public roads where people are forced to see what i have to offer, not only on one road but everywhere in town, on your way to work or going with your family to the beach, i see what people would think when they see the same sign with the name on 10 different roads saying Kamal buys houses cash, the first thing would come into someone mind is WHO THE HELL IS KAMAL?! at least what i was thinking as i was putting the signs, the second time it felt exactly the same as the first time not comfortable with it, and as every time we don’t listen to our gut feeling you know what to expect… a problem you guest it!

The first time i saw my signs face down on the roads and someone else’s signs instead, Kamal turned to Tim or Henry with a different phone number, i was upset and i had only one question WHY?!

The second time i put the signs few days later I saw one guy picking up my signs and planting his signs instead, I made a U turned to ask him the WHY question and to tell him how unethical this is, he got upset because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so he invited me to fight him, but i’m not in the fighting business i told him, i’m in the housing business, but don’t make any mistake, i will defend myself like Jackie Chan in Rush hour movie, he went in his truck and drove a way, soon after i realized the same person not only took my signs and put his instead! but he did that with everyone else!

So, i mentioned all of this for the sake of your interest if you ever decided to sell your house in Pensacola, Fl where these incidents happened or any where in the country, please do your due diligence about that person or that company, if someone is willing to do that in bright day light front of people just imagine what they could do behind close doors.

I’m real estate investor who created my company Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC in 2014, we buy houses in the greater Pensacola, Florida area to either flip them or rent them out, and those signs you see on the road they’re real estate investors, but you got the good and the bad people like everywhere you go, some times we partner up with other fellow investors if we bought many in that month to make sure we deliver in a short time frame all the houses we buy, but everyone has their own method of how they buy, but cash we do!

One last thing DO NOT believe anyone with a sign that says we buy houses full price, we buy houses cash yes but with a little discount because this is how we make a living, their is a red flag if someone claim they pay full price.

Kamal Mohammad

Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC

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