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Cash for houses in Pensacola _ Call Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC 850-346-4995. Sell your house fast if your house needs a lot of repairs and you don’t want to fixt it. We buy houses in any condition and in AS is condition without house inspection, appraisal, or obligations, cash for houses in Pensacola_ Call Kamal at 850-346-4995 to get cash offer today!

So, you have a property you want to repair or damages from a hurricane you fix, first, if you want to do the job yourself make sure A) it worth you time you want to put into it, meaning it worth your time sacrificing other things (hopefully not more important than fixing your house) VS the the money you would save than hiring someone else. B) Make sure that you have a truck or a trailer to hall big stuff from the hardware store like lumber, sheetrock, floors, etc.. C) Make sure that you know what you’re doing! If you haven’t done a big project before I would certainly seek someone who done few times before, as big surprises to discover when you start taking out sheetrock is not uncommon.

Now, if you’re hiring a contractor Make sure A) to have him write you an estimate in detail what is the job description and a price tag on it, for both of you to know where’s the line for each one of you, and not have the who said what take over in later time, we all know how things will turn out in these scenarios. I don’t trust my memory nor that I trust other people memory and I suggest you not to trust yours or any one else, besides it leaves all suspicions out! B) to take from them a deadline on how long would it take to complete the job, you need to know if the contractor you hired won’t leave you hanging for a job that should take a month to complete it’s taking him 4 or 5 months. Again you need to draw a deadline where both of you sees it as a reasonable time frame. C) Make sure whoever you’re hiring is license and insured, guys this is critical, the last thing you need is someone hurting himself working at your property and he’s not licensed and insured, where the person you hired turned on you and your property insurance give up om you. keep your guards up, keep your friends close and your enemy closer.

Ok, the things you shouldn’t do when you’re hiring a contractor, A) Never ever pay a deposit before the contractor start on the job, people more often than not will feel they have the control over you if you do that, even if you have the most honest person working for you why would you take the chance! I wouldn’t! honest ones understand that the job must be done before they receive a payment from you. B) don’t hire someone who doesn’t have the necessary tools to do the job that he’s about to be assign to, if they don’t have the tools means they don’t the the necessary experience to do the job to begin with! C) I forgot to add this one to the video lol, Don’t hire someone who tell you they know everything lol, let’s say I had few of those individuals and I tell you guys it turned out they didn’t know much of anything, most of the times you will have to hire someone else to repair after them, which will cost you more than if you had hire someone who knew what they were doing from the beginning.

Guys, I hope this video and information can be help to someone who’s looking for fix their house and not sure what route they should take, some will agree and some maybe don’t, but everything in here is from my personal experience, like a wise man once said, ” a smart man learn from his mistakes, but a genius will learn from others mistakes” be that genius and learn from mine.

Cash for houses in Pensacola_ Call Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC 850-346-4995.

My name is Kamal Mohammad, I’m the owner of Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC. We buy houses cash in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton county, we buy homes to fix them to either resell or to rent them out, we’re working to improve our neighborhoods by creating more value in the homes we buy that will impact the value of other homes in the area, cities like Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Cantonment, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview and Panama city.

We’re real estate investment company that buys any type of property like single family home, multi family, mobile home, and we also buy lands or lots.

We buy properties in any condition, we pay for all closing cost, no realtor commission fee, hassle free and no obligations. Cash for houses in Pensacola_ and surrounding areas any time any where we will be able to help you out in the best way we can.

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