Our 4 Step Downsizing Plan for Pensacola Homeowners

Tips on downsizing your home

Do you have a downsizing plan for your house in Pensacola? Lifestyles change and along with them, the requirements you have for a home change as well. In addition to finding your new smaller home and the hassles of listing and selling your current larger home, the task of downsizing can seem overwhelming. Going through a lifetime of memories and belongings can be emotionally stressful as well. We have broken it down into easy-to-manage steps to help make the process easier for you! Read on to learn more about our four-step downsizing plan for Pensacola homeowners.


The first step in our downsizing plan for Pensacola homeowners is to sort your belongings, keeping in mind the limits on space in a smaller home. You can begin by sorting items such as clothing and kitchen or household supplies by the amount of time that has passed since last used, a common timeframe for this process is to eliminate items that have not been used within one year. As to decorative elements and furniture, rather than keeping items based on the market value, decide what you will be taking with you by what each piece means to you personally.

In some cases. Large items can cost your more hassle and more money taking it with you rather than leaving it behind. Try not to hold on to things will bring you more hassle than the amount of times you could ever use that item. I highly suggest leaving anything that it’s not in a good working condition and buy a new items if you can afford it. If you can’t afford buying another item. Keep what you have as long as the item in a decent working condition.


Moving forward to the second step of our downsizing plan for Pensacola homeowners is to sell any valuable items you are ready to discard. The internet provides avenues to sell larger pieces like furniture locally, through sites listing items for sale, local rentals, and jobs, which are heavily trafficked. For more special items, there are sites that specialize in nearly any type of collectible. Additionally, there are sites where specialized items are gathered under one domain, with several categories of listings. Be certain to provide plenty of images of each item.

Now you need to keep in mind. When you want to sell anything online, you need to be careful with scammers. We have more online scammers now more than ever! And they’re getting creative with it too. So make sure never give anyone online any information you receive on your phone. Also never have the “buyer” guide you to do anything.

If the buyer start to guide you to do anything like for example, you will receive a 6 digit text on your phone or sending a check via mail with more than what you selling your item for and want you to send him the overage via cash app, Do NOT DO IT! It’s a scam!

Donating For Downsizing plan For Pensacola Homeowners

For many, giving their items to charity is preferred as a method of clearing all of their items, donating these goods is the third step in our downsizing plan for Pensacola homeowners. Likewise, many people choose to donate those items that are still in good condition but either didn’t sell or do not carry enough value to advertise.

Often, charitable organizations will come to your home and pick up the items you are donating, making the process easier for donors. Depending on the value of your donation, you may want to consider consulting your tax advisor in order to take any deductions for which you may be eligible. 

Donating is one of my favorite way to help homeowners for downsizing plan in Pensacola. Good deeds always make you feel good about yourself. Helping others will certainly have a positive impact on how you feel about yourself and your situation.

Also, some people need those things you don’t need anymore and they will be happy it! Specially in areas where there’s a high percentage on lower income residence. Pensacola is considered to be one of the top lowest income cities in Florida. Which makes it even more critical to donate the things we don’t use anymore.

Recycle or Dispose

For those belongings not quite up to par to sell or donate, it is time to decide if they are ready to become trash or recycling material. You may be able to recycle clothing and other textiles as well as electronics. Remember, there are rules governing how much trash can be placed out for pickup as well as how it must be bundled. Depending on how much you are clearing out, you may have hire help to assist you. You may also need to pay to have a larger trash dumpster delivered and picked up after you have filled it.

Ready, Set, Go

The best downsizing plan for Pensacola homeowners is to sell directly to Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC. Just pack what you want to keep and leave the rest to us. We make the process easy, walking you through every step.

Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC uses simple and straightforward contracts and we close quickly, usually in 2 weeks or less. Working with Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC also means none of the headaches of getting ready to list your home. You won’t even have to worry about painting, repairs, cleaning constantly for showings, and constant interruptions.

Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC will buy your home just as it is and will even handle clearing out your unwanted items for you! 

To learn more, send us a message or call Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC today! 850-346-4995

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