Sell My House Owner Financing In Pensacola _ Florida – Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC

Sell My House Owner Financing In Pensacola _ Florida - Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC

Do you own a house and are thinking about selling? Selling the traditional way (through an agent) will give you access to some buyers. However, if you’re asking, “how do I sell my house owner financing in Pensacola _ Florida” then you’re making a smart move that will give you access to many more buyers! Keep reading if you’re asking how can I sell my house owner financing in Pensacola _ Florida to find out how…

Selling a home is not always a smooth process. There are a lot of thoughts that goes into owner financing and what’s the cons and pros of considering this option. If you’re trying to sell your house individually, the most considerable risk you’re probably facing is the financial uncertainty that comes with waiting for a buyer to acquire financing. ​ Have you ever consider selling your home owner financing? If so, then what’s owner financing? 

What is owner financing?

It’s a transaction between a buyer and a seller that doesn’t rely on traditional third-party financing. Owner financing is also referred to as a seller-finance, owner-held financing, or owner-carry financing. Essentially, the buyer makes loan payments directly to the seller instead of paying a mortgage lender. In another word, the seller becomes the bank or the lender, and you the buyer is the borrower who will be making the payments to the seller and there’s no third party involved.

“Sell My House Owner Financing In Pensacola _ Florida”

When a homeowner sells their home the traditional way (through an agent), the buyers are typically regular buyers who are trying to get a mortgage to buy a house that they will live in. In some markets, there are a lot of these kind of buyers but in other markets there aren’t as many. And real estate agents typically work with these kind of “pre-qualified” buyers who can get a mortgage through a bank.

However, this method of selling is not without its problems. For example, sometimes you have to wait to see if a buyer can even get financing (and sometimes the financing falls through so you’re forced to keep showing your house to find another buyer).

If you want to increase the likelihood that you’ll sell your house, and expand the range of possible buyers who can buy, here’s a little-known strategy you might not be aware of: sell your house with owner financing.

Owner financing is when a buyer skips the bank and buys directly from you. In essence, you’re the bank! Like we discussed before, it’s just like a bank, you get an up-front deposit and then you get regular payments that pay off the amount owing. In most cases, you hold the title until the house is fully paid off, and then the title transfers to the buyer.

Benefits of selling with owner financing in Florida

Benefits of selling with owner financing

  • It opens up the number of buyers because now you’ll be able to find buyers who might not normally be able to get bank financing. When you offer owner financing, you open your listings to new demographics, including those who fall short when it comes to acquiring a mortgage. Even though these potential buyers typically have low credit scores or others financial issues, they could still offer a significant down payment of around 10% to 20%, making the deal a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.
  • It gives you cash flow, since they buyer will need to pay regular payments to you (just as they would need to pay regular mortgage payments to the bank).
  • It protects you because even if the buyer stops paying, you still own the house!
  • And unlike owning a rental, there isn’t a lot of property management since that will be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Faster Sale. With owner financing, the sale process doesn’t need to go through a bank. Buyers are taking out less substantial loans compared to what a bank lender would offer. Sellers can also bypass the lengthy mortgage application and approval process, making the transaction faster.
  • Higher Interest Rates. Sellers may get a higher interest rate on the loan than they would with other types of normal investments. The idea here is that sellers collect both the return on the value they would like to receive for the house and the interest they would have earned if they had placed the money into alternative investments like a mutual fund or stocks.

How Does Owner financing Work?

The details of owner financing will differ from seller to seller, but there are some vital components that a successful buyer and seller will agree on. The seller becomes the lender and the buyer becomes their borrower. The buyer makes loan payments that incorporate both the rent and interest rate paid to the seller. There are also some contracts and terms that need to be met for the deal to be successful, like the term of the loan, the interest rate for the loan, the down payment, and other specific terms.

Just like everything in business, owner financing is negotiable between the seller and the buyer. You and the buyer can negotiate on everything in the agreement. As a homeowner. Look for ways that you can maximize your profit, and for the buyer, is to look for ways to benefit from buying the home and return the favor to the seller for financing the home for you and provide a value or an offer the seller can’t refuse. This is how we make at Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC to homeowners an offer they can’t refuse!

What’s next…

Wondering, “how do I sell my house owner financing in Pensacola _ Florida”? Start by deciding how much you’d like to get each month for your house.

There are many different ways to sell your house and in this blog post we shared with you how to sell with owner financing. Selling with owner financing isn’t for everyone but if you want more exposure to buyers, plus some cash flow, plus plenty of protection, then selling with owner financing might be right for you.


Owner financing is a terrific alternative for sellers who want to avoid an extended wait for potential home buyers to obtain financing. This option provides a smoother and faster transaction, a chance to attract a larger pool of buyers, and yields better interest rates for sellers of the property. If you live in Pensacola, Florida, and are looking to sell your home, sell my house owner financing in Pensacola is the right choice for you. Consider owner financing today to get the best deal for your house!

And here’s an even faster way to sell your house owner financing in Pensacola – Florida – you can sell your house to us. We sometimes work out owner financing deals with sellers like you. Just click this link now and fill out the form or call us today at 850-346-4995.

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