Selling your Pensacola House? Wait And Get A better Idea On What To Expect

What to expect when you put your property in Pensacola for sale

Selling your Pensacola house? If you’re, you need to understand who can you rely on when selling a Pensacola house needs to be immediate. What do I mean about selling your Pensacola house needs to be immediate? I mean you’re facing a situation that could result in losing your house if you don’t sell your house in a timely manner.

I’m posting this article because home owners need to hear this if they’re running into a financial problem or under stress or whatever the situation you’re dealing with that let you to decide to sell your house, please wait and make sure you not grabbing the wrong straw just to get out of that situation, being alone in hard situations that can lead the person to make wrong decisions because they’re afraid of the outcome or in some cases the consequences.

I started my business in 2014 in Pensacola, Florida but I did own rental properties before I started my company, and from my personal business experience  I never made any right decision based on my emotions, my biggest mistake in real estate was made under being too excited or being upset about something did or didn’t go right, either way the reason for the result I got is because I didn’t do enough due diligence, whether about the seller, the buyer, realtor, or the lender for that matter. I have learned about real estate investing and loved it  because it’s a small version of life itself , and how people react when they see a deal or someone in need to sell their house whether from investors or realtors/brokers.

This article is for homeowners who are trying to sell their houses, and for you to know what to expect from buyers when they realized someone in need to sell their house because of a hardship the homeowner is facing, whether it’s financial like Foreclosure, tax delinquency, house needs a lot of repairs and homeowner can’t maintain the property. Or emotional hardship like divorce, probate, or moving.

Not all home buyers created equal. At Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we understand the need of homeowners who are under stressful situation and the types of measures we need take to insure the homeowner satisfaction when it comes to our cash offers and the speed for closing.

Knowing that someone is selling their house because of a financial trouble and can’t maintain the house anymore, we will act at our company upon a sense of urgency at full gear to provide the solution that homeowner hopes for. We’re specialized in creating a solution to homeowners when they need to sell their homes the most. Our foundation for our company at Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC was built on knowledge and action to provide a solution and speed to serve homeowners in the Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton county.

Understanding property buyer can do for you
Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC

How Long Does It take To Close On Your House?

The answer is it takes less that 2 weeks or on the date of your choice from the time we sign the contract. And there’s no need for house inspections, appraisal, or waiting for a loan to be approved by the lender. Once we agreed with the homeowner on the price, we sign the contract and proceed with the closing process.

What Is My Obligations Do Homeowners Have in Pensacola?

From the time you call and until we close on your house there’s no obligations to you whatsoever, just good business practice to help homeowners in Pensacola and surrounding cities to sell their houses fast with no hassle.

There’s also no realtor commission fee, because we’re the direct buyer. Typically realtor commission fee is 6%. If you decided to list your house with a realtor they will sign you up with a contract usually for 6 months, which will obligate you as a homeowner for 6 months to stay with the realtor, also it will obligate homeowner to pay the commission fee even if you find the buyer yourself. With Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we don’t obligate homeowners to sell their property to us even with a contact in place, or pay any kind of fees! We believe homeowners shouldn’t be obligated with anything or anyone when they decide to sell their homes.

What’s the value of my house?

Your home value will be based on four factors and they’re market, area, size, and condition. Zillow, Trulia, and provide an estimate to what the house value is but it’s not all accurate, just for the simple fact reason, they don’t update their data all the times, let’s say you renovated your home and you added 150 square feet, they don’t have a clue that you did renovate and added 150 square feet to your home until you get in touch with Zillow and tell them that they need to update your property information, same thing if the house had fire damage, they wouldn’t know until someone get in touch with them to let them know that the house it’s not where it used to be.

You do have to run the comps to know the exact value of your house, at Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we look at the houses in your area that were sold in the last 6 moths to come up with our best offer to create a win/win solution for homeowners and us without cutting the seller short of any value when you decide to to us.

How can I estimate my home repairs?

If you’re planning on selling your Pensacola house, or anywhere for that matter. And If you not sure how much would it cost you to repair your home it’s time to make some phone calls to ask contractors and see for yourself what is the repairs cost. this way you make sure their repair estimate is correct and no one is over charging you. At Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, you don’t have to repair, clean or do anything, we want to make the process as easy as possible.

what’s my cost for closing ?

With us, we pay for all closing costs. We pay for all expenses. With other buyers specially someone who’s getting a loan usually it’s negotiable, but average buyer and seller pay around half each.

We’re ready to answer any of your questions if you want to sell your house, all questions are important, don’t hesitate to call us and ask for you to better understand and to make sure you’re doing the right move of whether in Pensacola, Florida or any where in the country.

In the end keep your guard up and trust the facts and not the claims.

If you’re planning to your house for sale – You can submit your Pensacola property information here Or you can simply give us a call at 850-346-4995

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